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  • known programming languages: MATLAB, JavaScript, Python, Perl, Fortran, GNU Octave (also CSS), bash
  • interest in the fields: calculus, general physics, computational fluid dynamics, natural convection, turbulence, heat transfer
  • interest in the topics: sustainability, safety, public education, computer science, engineering
  • interest in the areas: Australia, New Zealand, Russia
  • familiar with server technologies: IRC protocol (RFC1459), Apache and nginx web servers, Debian packaging
  • also familiar with engineering technologies: ANSYS CAD and CFD, OpenFoam
  • also familiar with publishing technologies: LaTeX, markdown, mediawiki markup, XML, HTML5

Since 2010 I have been involved as a volunteer tester, live chat helper, and add-on developer for Mozilla applications.

  • developed add-ons for Firefox and SeaMonkey web browsers to extend and modify its behaviour, theming and search engines
  • used XML and JavaScript to create new dialogs and widgets which assist writing and navigation tasks
  • monitored official Mozilla live chat support sessions, 10-20 users each, to transfer users' questions to the bug tracker and official documentation
  • translated XXX articles about Firefox and Firefox OS to Russian
  • wrote 2 add-ons for news authoring and review in 2019
  • my personal page at, listing the add-ons for Firefox and SeaMonkey (with code - the downloads are in zip format)
  • my personal page at, with the translations

In 2009 I joined the Wikimedia movement to write a new article, about Ehrenfest equations. I volunteered to write code in Perl and JavaScript that aids authoring and review. I also performed some technical work using the MediaWiki API.

In 2010 I joined the Mozilla, freenode, and OFTC IRC live chat networks. At these live chat networks I use channels related to GNU, Linux, languages, botters, Wikimedia and MediaWiki. While using these networks I learned English grammar, and started writing scripts for the IRC live chat protocol, as well as use Debian and run a web server. These are ideas and code at this wiki.

In 2018 I started to maintain and develop tools which assist peer review and news authoring at Wikinews. They are also at this wiki, and also see the tasks in progress and roadmap. As a result of this, there has been an increase in newcomer engagement this year, and work is in progress to quantify and visualize the data by August 2019.

This wiki is in the process of enabling internationalization so that the software hosted here is available in multiple languages.


Svetlana Tkachenko


IRC: Sveta