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Member of the Free Software Foundation. Know JavaScript, Python, Perl, Fortran, GNU Octave programming languages, IRC protocol, calculus, general physics, computational fluid dynamics. Speak Russian and English. Interest in computer science, engineering, sustainability, climate heating.

Volunteering with Free Software

In 2010 I joined the Mozilla Add-Ons site to develop add-ons for the Firefox browser, SeaMonkey suite, the Fennec mobile browser. These add-ons extend and modify behaviour of Mozilla browsers; themes; search engine plugins. Those were written in JavaScript and XUL, an XML language designed for writing application interfaces. These add-ons are in the process of being mirrored to this wiki to mozilla. At moznet I also participated in live chat support of Firefox users in a one-to-one text chat over XMPP (Jabber) which resulted into filing bugs and extending the knowledge base to add new information that was missing at the time the users were making the requests. This was done together with zzxc. The Mozilla Knowledge Base software is written using a Django app called 'kitsune'. This is a pleasant and visually appealing software platform. The knowledge base provides a convenient translator dashboard and easy image upload. I rarely see knowledge base that is this clear and well translated. The contributors and helpers also meet regularly to collaborate on clearing the forum questions queue. In 2013 I participated as a reviewer of the Mozilla Add-Ons, however the release of Firefox 4 and the add-on jetpack was too much for learning and I had stopped about a year after.

Gryllida (the cricket insect)

In 2010 I joined the Wikimedia movement to write a new article, which was something anonymous contributors can not do. The web site also allows to upload media to Commons, to write encyclopedia and news articles. There I also performed some technical work using the MediaWiki API. In 2012 this involved hosting software at GNU Savannah, starting with gpy, an IRC bot that announces Wikinews review queue submissions to its live chat channel at the freenode IRC network. Soon the bot was extended to also provide HTTP links for wikilinks. This helps collaboration on the writing of news articles at English Wikinews and Russian Wikipedia. This IRC bot is currently online with the nickname 'gpy' from the Wikimedia Labs servers.

In 2010 I joined the Mozilla, freenode, and OFTC IRC live chat networks as Gryllida. After changing the nickname to 'gry' and 'svetlana', I had started using the nickname 'Sveta' as the final version. Currently that's what I would use whereever available; failing that, I try to use the full name with or without a space. At these live chat networks I use channels related to GNU, Linux, languages, botters, Wikimedia and MediaWiki. While using these networks I learned English grammar, and started writing scripts for the IRC live chat protocol. Some of the scripts I authored or found useful to mirror are tagged with the irc tag. They are being documented to include screenshot, descriptions, licence, author information.

In 2017 I joined Quitter, a federated social network that runs gnusocial.

This wiki is in the process of enabling internationalization so that the software hosted here is available in multiple languages. ?requirements lists further desired effort in this area to add multilingual documentation infrastructure to several projects upstream, where possible.

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