Bicycle riding legislation is not consistent in Australia.

Wearing bicycle helmets is not always compulsory. But the legislation is inconsistent between states. New South Wales (NSW) allows no exemptions. ROAD RULES 2014 - REG 256 was made by the Governor under the Road Transport Act 2013. Let's make it happen?

  • letter to MP and
  • petition drafts - "Prospective signers often don't have a lot of time. It's important to state your main goal concisely, and at the start of the petition. Although a good petition can include a certain amount of background and context, the first paragraph should make it absolutely clear what the petition hopes to achieve." - petitions to Allow exemptions and to Repeal the law.

Extra stuff

More context: The sunlight exposure hazard; Questions:

  • What to ask? Repeal the helmet law entirely, or 1-2 specific options from the list?
  • How many petitions to run? Would be tiresome for people to sign multiple petitions.
    • Find examples of how this was done in the past.
    • Separate. currently two.
  • Who to address and to send the petition(s) to?

Ways to have the petition reach more people: cycling Groups.

See also the garbage bin.

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