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##philosophy channel guidelines (short and sweet)

  • Don't be stupid, intellectually dishonest, or snide. Use common sense and be respectful of differing opinions.

  • Don't react to trolls. Instead, send a private message to the administrative bot 'philosopher' or a moderator. Troll-baiting may result in both you and the troll being removed.

  • Try to be at least mildly on-topic. This means most conversations about current events, science, and literature are OK as long as they have some philosophical element. Otherwise, consider moving to a more appropriate channel (##politics, ##math, ##science, etc.)

  • ##philosophy isn't a democracy. (Plato would be proud!) It's ultimately up to the moderators to guide channel discussion, and all moderation decisions are final.

Reading materials

This is a chaotic list.

  • Aristotle's Ethics
  • The Republic
  • Nietzsche
  • Schopenhauer
  • Bertrand Russell
  • stoicism
    • Marcus Aurelius (stoicism)
    • Chrysippus
    • Cicero
  • neophilosophical "The sporadically updated blog of neopolitan (with occasional visits by Lokee and Sthitapragya), sometimes about philosophy, always philosophical."
  • "the blank slate" by pinker (recommended by NOTanAI)
  • -- People with online papers in philosophy (2014) Compiled by David Chalmers