Provide wikinews publishing statistics using Perl and jqPlot



Revision control

Installation instructions

  1. Install the following dependencies:
    • Perl modules: Dancer Dancer::Plugin::Ajax DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader DBIx::Class Dancer::Plugin::Database DateTime DateTime::Event::Recurrence Data::Dumper
    • A JavaScript-capable web browser to view the output.
  2. Create config.yml (from config.yml.dist) to specify database access.
  3. "perl bin/update_db.pl" to populate or update the database.
  4. Run (TODO)

Written in

JavaScript, Perl

Future work

  • Instructions how to run this app
  • GPLv3+ licence disclaimer (at least once for the entire repository)
  • Screenshot
  • Licensing headers in each file
  • Release & ChangeLog
  • Add a mailing list
  • Add a bug tracker
  • Host the stats site at a permanent location
  • Upload graphs for different Wikinews versions
  • Internationalization