Clients matrix (ABC order)

client name no beep for NOTICE highlight block nick spam block highlightwin install hint comment
(!) adiirc (?) X-( X-( (?) n/a Tempesta #d@o
(!) hexchat X-( :) masshighlightignore.lua :) massnickspamignore.lua (?) put script into %appdata%\HexChat\addons or ~/.config/hexchat/addons CodeMouse92__; "Hoolootwo" *
:) irssi :) :) :) mass nickspam :) put script into ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun; '/run ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/<script name>.pl'
(!) KVIrc :) configurable (?) (?) (?) n/a n/a
(!) Matrix (?) {i} bug 2312 {i} bug 2312 (?) n/a n/a
(!) Miranda X-( flashes window in taskbar (?) (?) (?) n/a n/a
(!) Pidgin (?) X-( X-( (?) n/a n/a
(!) Quassel :) {i} bug 1440 {i} bug 1440 :) chat monitor n/a n/a
(!) smuxi X-( {i} bug 1108 {i} bug 1108 (?) n/a Maarten_ #d@o
(!) WeeChat (?) :) in /script :) mass nickspam (?) n/a n/a
(!) xchat X-( :) (!) (?) n/a n/a
(!) ZNC n/a n/a (!) n/a n/a n/a
(!) client (?) (?) (?) (?) n/a n/a

(?) = we don't know what this irc client does

X-( = someone should file a bug

{i} = bug filed, patches welcome

(!) = script writing welcome (no bug present because this is not in the client core)


  • disable ping/flash/beep on NOTICEs? -- NOTICE is a bot message and should not have a special priority.
  • disable highlights from MASS NICK SPAM?
  • hide MASS NICK SPAM from screen completely? -- Unlike the previous option, in this section, scripts hide messages with nick spam entirely, even if they're not highlights (that is, even if they do not contain your own nick). This method only works for hiding the messages which have more than N nicks in them. For instance, a spammer writing 'nick: ' with only ONE nick per line would not be caught by these scripts, as it is not trivial (unless noted otherwise) to programmatic ally distinguish these messages from a legitimate highlight.
  • stop scrolling up for highlights? -- This is to avoid "someone pinged me? ::scrolls up:: OH:(" frustration, resulting in desire to write that down to the channel.