Count the number of tabs open in a browser window.

Works with

Firefox <4 or SeaMonkey any version.


tab counter-logo.png

tab counter-img1-44726.png

tab counter-img2-46704.png

tab counter-img2-46705.png


  • tab_counter-0.2.4-sm.xpi 2012-02-17. Added context menu for the status bar item. It opens the preferences window. Update compatibility files.

Older versions:

  • tab_counter-0.2.3-sm.xpi. Add context menu for the statusbar item. The context menu opens preferences window. Update compatibility files.
  • tab_counter-0.2.2-sm.xpi Added context menu to open options. Updated compatibility files.
  • tab_counter-0.2.1-sm.xpi Added context menu to the statusbar item. This context menu opens preferences window. Updated compatibility in the files.
  • tab-counter-0.2-fx.xpi. 2010-06-20. Option of showing an image in the status bar near the tab count has been added. This addon has been tested to work with Firefox 3.7a6pre, and Seamonkey too. Compatibility information has been updated.
  • tab-counter-0.1-fx.xpi. 2010-04-12. Addon icon has been added.

Installation instructions

Note: currently installation needs a web browser restart.


  • Click the XPI file link on this page and install when prompted by your browser.

Future work

  • Licensing headers in each file
  • Mirror all old versions
  • Write this add-on for Firefox 58 Quantum
  • Add mailing list
  • Add issue tracker
  • Improve screenshots quality
  • Add revision control