Transport Arrival Info

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Goal: for buses, trains and ferries), give up-to-the-minute delay info for services that operate from your stop. Similar to 0488 TXT BUS (0488 898 287).

The app uses the open data provided by NSW Transport in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format.

Usage of such data requires registration. The site has sections to get started including an intro and API basics. At "the hub" there's lots of data available.

The dataset(s) include

  • Public Transport - Timetables - For Realtime,
  • Public Transport - Realtime - Alerts,
  • Public Transport - Realtime - Trip Updates (enabled for this app),
  • Public Transport - Realtime - Vehicle Positions

Some GTFS-realtime documentation is available including buses technical documentation. For instance a routes.txt file includes list of routes including the following:

  • route_desc, a human readable description of the route.
  • The route_type field describes the type of transportation used on a route. Valid values for this field are:
    • 0Tram, Streetcar, Light rail. Any light rail or street level system within a metropolitan area.
    • 1Subway, Metro. Any underground rail system within a metropolitan area.
    • 2Rail. Used for intercity or long-distance travel.
    • 3Bus. Used for short-and long-distance bus routes.
    • 4Ferry. Used for short-and long-distance boat service.
    • 5Cable car. Used for street-level cable cars where the cable runs beneath the car.
    • 6Gondola, Suspended cable car. Typically used for aerial cable cars where the car is suspended from the cable.
    • 7Funicular. Any rail system designed for steep inclines

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Provide information about bus timetable and delays to travelers. Do not require map interface or specifying the destination, only the stop ID.


  • do not require map interface
  • do not require specifying the destination
  • input is the stop ID
  • output is a list of buses on this stop and their arrival times including delay time if any
  • use realtime data provided by sydneytransport
  • website has simple interface, only the stop ID input box
  • output: current stop name (location)



How you can help

  • Sign up at
  • Identify URIs or API queries to do the following tasks:
    • Q1 List the next bus stop (input: my stop ID; output: one or more next stop IDs (incl different routes, express buses etc))
    • Q2 List realtime bus arrival (input: two stop IDs, output: bus route number + arrival time + delay)
  • Implement a web site that takes input: my stop ID, and performs Q1 and shows the result on the page
  • Implement a web site that performs Q2 for any outputs of Q1 and shows the result
  • Add output: current stop name (location)

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