• Figure out why ikiwiki is taking a long time to open the edit form or to save a page.

How it works

Copied from https://ikiwiki.info/tips/optimising_ikiwiki/:

If you have a repeatable change that ikiwiki takes a long time to build, and none of the above help, the next thing to consider is profiling ikiwiki.

The best way to do it is:

  • Install Devel::NYTProf
  • PERL5OPT=-d:NYTProf
  • export PER5OPT
  • Now run ikiwiki as usual, and it will generate a nytprof.out file.
  • Run nytprofhtml to generate html files.
  • Those can be examined to see what parts of ikiwiki are being slow.


[svetlana /home/private/wiki]$ PERL5OPT=-d:NYTProf
[svetlana /home/private/wiki]$ export PER5OPT
[svetlana /home/private/wiki]$ ikiwiki --setup ikiwiki.setup 
skipping bad filename free/To-dos.mdwn~
[svetlana /home/private/wiki]$ nytprofhtml
Reading nytprof.out
Profile data incomplete, inflate error -5 ((null)) at end of input file, perhaps the process didn't exit cleanly or the file has been truncated  (refer to TROUBLESHOOTING in the documentation)
[svetlana /home/private/wiki]$ 
  • Where is the TROUBLESHOOTING file located?


  • fix the typo: PERL5OPT not PER5OPT
  • the original page updated (2018-02-03)