GitHR stands for 'Git Hosting Report'.


Identify and report licensing and internationalization issues at git repositories you browse over the web

This can be done at GitHub for example .. or also GitLab and any other site.


  • identify licensing issues at currently open repository
  • identify internationalization issues at currently open repository
  • show warning to the user
  • if user is logged in, offer user to report issues at github
  • if user is not logged in, offer user to email to (check this is a valid address)

Implementation instructions:

Phase 1:

  • check whether LICENCE file is present in the current repository
  • show a warning if it is missing or non-free

Phase 2:

  • check for a directory with .po files or any other signs of localization
  • show a warning if it's missing

Phase 3:

  • check all source files for licence headers
  • show a warning if they are missing or non-free

How you can help

  • Write a first version for Firefox or Chromium following the phases and documentation above

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