• to shut down GNUstep wiki and maintain it in markdown format somewhere else
  • the 'somewhere else' is expected to


  • leave internal wiki links as internal
    • at present it is not dealt with at all, they're external to './index.php/Foo'
  • parse templates (ideally into a markdown template syntax)
    • at present it is dealt with by parsing them fully, without retaining the template idea
    • pandoc does not have the ability to parse templates in any of its markdown outputs

Method one: wiki2md.pl (Perl script)

How to use

  1. download wiki2md.pl and wiki2md.txt
  2. mkdir markdown
  3. run the perl script
  4. markdown pages are in './markdown/*.md'


Sample data is in markdown.tar.gz (current as of 2017-06-11) -- will become available soon

Future work

  • Identify exact requirements
  • Document and code a feasible solution
  • Query a mailing list to propose the solution