Perl scripts for irssi.

Name Year Author info License Description
mass nickspam 2017 Svetlana GPL Hides (and logs) messages containing a lot of nicknames 2016 komar,Bitt Faulk BSD Automatically wraps long sent messages into multiple shorter sent messages. With autoquoting splitting long lines started with '>'. 2015 vague GPL2 keeps notes on users and displayes the note in /whois output if the host/nick matches ( original at s.i.o) 2016 svetlana GPLv2 or later dumps current window history to file 2016 svetlana GPL does op roulette 2013 svetlana GPLv2 ZNC buffextras messages parser 2012-07 tommie and svetlana GPLv2 retrieves the idle time of any nick. A derivative of original by Stefan "tommie" Tomanek. svetlana added handling of 'whois rate-limited', 'no suck nick' errors and some charybdis numerics. Requires libquantum-superpositions-perl.
idea ? ? ? add help for commands in
to be mirrored ? ? ? screen_away
to be mirrored ? ? ? dispatch-plus-windows
to be mirrored ? ? ? format_quiet
to be mirrored ? ? ? irssi utf-8 guide (licence problem)