Extend the functionality of IRC client Chatzilla.

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Name Year Author info License Description
?thank-mode.1.2.js ? MakOke ? Thanks for mode.
idea ? ? ? selective logging for talkative channels? Like, log only words written by me, and highlights. Could be useful.
idea ? ? ? rate-limit how often we send messages
idea ? ? ? show message length in status bar (optionally enforce hard limits on both min and max)
idea ? ? ? show "is typing" notifications from private notices or away messages
cz sasl-0.6.3.js 2011-2015 svetlana MIT adds support for SASL authentication. To set up the script, use the File > Install dialog, and type "/sasl" in a network tab. (?subpage)
bansearch-0.1.js 2011 svetlana GPLv3+ adds /bansearch command. The command allows to check channel ban lists for matches against a specific nick. Tested at freenode.
gjs-2.161.js 2011 svetlana GPLv3+ an alpha bot for ChatZilla, demonstrating basic hooks usage. Reacts to bad words and knowledge base requests. Tested at Moznet.
capskick-1.0.js 2010 svetlana GPLv3+ a caps kick bot for ChatZilla. Kicks for all-capitals lines. Caveat: may also kick for lines containing no letters
?nickmodes.css 2010 svetlana, David Volk (auscompgeek) MIT a compact motif for ChatZilla. Reduces spacing between lines. Makes linces copy-able. Shows user mode prefix.
away-notice.js 2009 MakOke ? Send away notice to user stalk me. (original)
cz-plugin-view-persist.js 2011 James Ross ? Persists the contents of chat views. (original; If you /clear-view, we reinsert the saved history again..)
activity-in-title.js 2004 James Ross ? Shows activity status in titlebar. (original)
cz-plugin-ctcp-notification.js ? James Ross ? Notifies the user of CTCP requests. (original)

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Future work

  • Provide screenshots and descriptions for each script, move them to subpages.
  • Internationalization
  • Add mailing list
  • Add issue tracker
  • Add install instructions
  • Add revision control