On this wiki we host free software that you can install on your computer both free of charge as well as libre. This means you gain control over your computer through the basic software freedoms of reading, modifying, and re-distributing the source code.

This includes extensions for IRC clients, Mozilla browsers, the mobile Maemo platform which are broadly licensed. Also there are ideas for development of programs which are not yet implemented. These ideas are detailed and may include implementation advice. In many cases the original authors are readily available on live chat (IRC) or by e-mail.


  • Svetlana - apps in JavaScript, Perl, Fortran for MediaWiki, Mozilla browsers, IRC.
  • Wikiwide - apps in JavaScript, GTK2 (Hildon) for Mozilla browsers, Maemo.

Future work

Many apps have ideas for further development or testing or documentation. They are tagged appropriately.

  • Test items tagged with test.
  • Document items tagged with doc.
  • Code items tagged with code.
  • Add internationalization to this wiki.

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