At this wiki several free programs and planned ideas are available for download and development.

This includes free software developed by the wiki members, such as extensions for IRC clients, Mozilla browsers, the mobile Maemo platform. Some of this software is obsolete or is not updated to work with the latest version of the platform it has been developed for. In particular this is true in regards to extensions for Mozilla browsers. The IRC clients scripts and Maemo apps are still working. Nevertheless the obsolete software, including its older releases, is available for download and reuse, as it is broadly licensed. In many cases the original authors are still reachable by IRC or e-mail and may be able to resolve issues of interest.


Several people use this wiki to host their software and develop future requirements ideas. They are:

  • Svetlana - apps in JavaScript, Perl, Fortran for MediaWiki, Mozilla browsers, IRC.
  • Wikiwide - apps in JavaScript, GTK2 (Hildon) for Mozilla browsers, Maemo.

Future work

Many apps have ideas for further development or testing or documentation. They are tagged appropriately.

  • Test items tagged with test.
  • Document items tagged with doc.
  • Code items tagged with code.
  • Add internationalization to this wiki.

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